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DTCC's CA Web Service offers a near-real-time, consolidated source for DTC-eligible announcements in a feature-rich browser.

  • About

    DTCC’s CA Web Service offers a robust array of features to help you identify business-critical announcements. From the moment you log on, you have the ability to view the most vital information all in one place, exactly how you want, through user selected dashboards for Distributions, Redemptions and Reorganizations. This organized, simplified “hub” provides an up-to-the-minute snapshot of important announcements.

    Through this service you can access notifications for:

    • Distributions – including cash and stock dividends, principal and interest payments, and capital gain distributions
    • Redemptions – including full and partial calls, final paydowns, and maturities
    • Reorganizations – including exchange offers, conversions, and Dutch Auctions

  • Benefits



    Target the announcements that impact a user’s holdings by importing and searching a list of security IDs.
    Save Searches
    Reduce administrative time by saving frequently used searches.
    Advanced Search
    Customize searches with 36 different criteria, including 13 record status types, e.g., Approved, Conditionally Approved, Cancelled.
    Announcement Overview
    Identify important announcements quickly and view events sorted by key criteria.
    CA Identifier
    Increase operational efficiency and improve traceability with automated tracking of event lifecycles.
    Consolidated Source
    Receive comprehensive data without consulting multiple sources.

  • Offering

    • Consolidated on-demand web application of DTC-eligible corporate actions

  • Coverage

    Announcement data is provided for approximately 1.3M DTC-eligible securities. The announcement types covered include, among others:

  • How It Works

    • DTC receives corporate action announcement data from issuers and agents.
    • DTC assigns a unique identifier to each announcement.
    • DTC disseminates announcement data to users in near-real time.
    • Issuers’ designated agents work with DTC on an ongoing basis to update announcement data.
    • Updates are incorporated into the event information and a complete audit trail of changes is maintained.
    • DTC disseminates updated announcement data to users in near-real time or as needed.

  • Delivery

    • Web interface for on-demand access

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