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每日总US Treasury and Agency Fails


5天 52周以来
总计 AVG 安全 最新的 1周


Total Amount (in billions USD)

Can I download the data in these charts?
是的, the data in these charts, which display data going back one year from the most recent date, can be downloaded. To download the data, click 在这里

What do these charts show?
They show the value of U.S. Treasury securities that were not delivered to fulfill a trade contract. “Failures-to-deliver” occur when either sellers fail to deliver or buyers fail to receive securities in time to settle a trade. 结算 of a trade is the point at which the seller is required to deliver the securities agreed upon in the trade and the buyer has to deliver the funds to pay for the securities.

Do the charts show the value of failed U.S. Treasury securities deliveries for more than just the previous day?
是的. You can chart rates for the previous day, week, month or the previous 12 months.

What's the data source?
存's Fixed Income 清算 Corporation, which serves as the clearing house for markets that trade in U.S. government securities.

Are t在这里 consequences for a failure to deliver?
是的. Not only does the original trade fail, but the party that bought the securities may have already pledged them in a subsequent trade, and now that trade too will involve a failure-to-deliver, thus creating a cascading effect.

Are t在这里 penalties for a fail?
To encourage prompt delivery of securities, Fixed Income 清算 Corporation (FICC) follows the recommendation of the Treasury Market Practices Group, which is made up of executives from the securities industry. Based on the group’s recommendation, FICC now collects interest at an annual rate of 3% on the settlement value of the trade (minus the Target Fed funds rate in effect the day before the settlement day).

Can you give an example?
Let’s assume that a firm fails on a $50 million position on which it is owed $50.100万年. If the Target Fed funds rate the previous day was 1%, then the fails charge will be 2% per year and it will be applied to the $50.100万年 total value of the trade. This will result in a charge for the firm of $2,783.那一天33人.